Studies in Phenomenology

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Studies in Phenomenology
Vol. 7, Number 1 (2018)

Special Issue: Transcendental Philosophy and Phenomenology

Guest Editors: Iulian Apostolescu (University of Bucharest) and Claudia Serban (Toulouse Jean Jaurès University)


The relationship between transcendental philosophy and phenomenology is undoubtedly complex. Not only Husserl was not originally moved by a transcendental interrogation in the elaboration of his idea of phenomenology, but his attitude towards Kant's critical philosophy and towards a certain brand of Kantianism has always been polemical. The contributions of this special issue aim to analyze and to evaluate Kant's and Husserl's comprehension of the transcendental in the light of several key questions: the articulation between Aesthetic and Logic or between categoriality and intuition; the architectonic place of imagination among the faculties; the foundation of natural sciences; the challenge of naturalism or that of transcendental illusion; the question of the ethical subject. Furthermore, the post-Husserlian posterity of the transcendental problems within phenomenology will be taken into account by considering their critical developments and transformations in Eugen Fink and Maurice Merleau-Ponty.